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Non Allergenic Hollowfibre Pillow
These non allergenic pillows feature a polycotton outer and hollowfibre polyester inner.
Product Information:
Composition: 100% Hollowfibre Polyester Filling 
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Goose Feather Pillow
Goose feather pillow is a very economical natural fill pillow. Made from 85% Goose feather and 15% Goose down. Goose feather pillows are available in Standard & Queen sizes.
Product Information:
Composition: 85% Goose Feather / 15% Goose Down 
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Luxury Microfiber Pillow
A Luxury Microfiber Pillow, a revolutionary new pillow system featuring Tencel®, the new age fiber better than cotton. The Luxury Adjustable Pillow System is super soft and fully adjustable to your own comfort level, while providing ultimate stain, allergy and dust mites protection.
This Luxury Pillow contains extra, specially developed, microfiber filling which makes the pillow super soft and fluffy. Each Luxury Pillow also has a unique zipper closure, which allows you to adjust the amount of inner filling. By removing some of the filling, the pillow can be adjusted to exactly the right balance of height and firmness to suit individual preferences. A luxury pillow - luxury sleep.
Size : Standard / Queen 
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